[NEW] Newest version of DayZero enterable buildings provided by Tansien and Zac https://zombies.nu/. This fixes broken barracks shadows and adds several new interiors. #1601
[NEW] Land_houseV_2T2 is now enterable. Interior modeled by @Streatman
[NEW] Added loot positions for new enterable buildings
[NEW] Added L85 attachments totaling 24 variants, new models by @Streatman. Class L85_Holo_DZ no longer exists and must be updated to L85A2_DZ in custom scripts and SQL, see
[NEW] SVD scope attachments can now be removed, new models by @Streatman
[NEW] Added option to toggle status icons in "Game Options" menu and via F3 hotkey. Note this will also toggle Epoch "friendly" tags because they are the same display.
[NEW] Added DZE_limitPlots so admins can limit plot poles to one per UID, disabled by default. @oiad
[NEW] Pumpkin, sunflower, and hemp plants spawned with createVehicle can be harvested with a knife now. #1928 @F507DMT
[NEW] The journal and dayz_survived variable now contain actual play time [array] instead of days since the character was created [number].
[NEW] Added secondary iron sight to CZ550 modeled by @Streatman
[NEW] Added bolt animations to CZ550 and LeeEnfield modeled by @Streatman
[NEW] Added some basic compatibility for falconsan's Ruegen map (beta version released February 2016)
[NEW] Admins can now define what parts are returned from modular building parts, see configVariables.sqf/DZE_modularConfig @oiad @BigEgg17
[NEW] Added basic server-side authentication to hive object creation/deletion for improved security. Affects Server_(DeleteObj|PublishObj|PublishVeh|SwapObj|UpdateObject), admins and script makers should review the changes if using PVDZ_obj_(Destroy|Publish), PVDZ_veh_Save, PVDZE_obj_Swap, PVDZE_veh_(Publish|Upgrade) or server_deleteObj and verify custom code is compliant with these changes (github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/commit/42e0047)
[NEW] Added BAF_L85A2_RIS_TWS_DZ to emulate the old behavior of the now NV only BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS. This weapon is not used by default. Server owners can implement it if desired. #1983
[NEW] Admins can now define a maximum build height, see configVariables.sqf/DZE_BuildHeightLimit. @BigEgg17
[NEW] Admins can now change the lootRefreshTimer for each building type from the default 15 minutes. CfgLoot.hpp must be updated if using custom loot tables.

[UPDATED] Loot and zed spawn is now disabled in trader cities by default. This is configurable in mission\init.sqf via DZE_SafeZonePosArray. Added function to check positions against DZE_SafeZonePosArray "_PosInSafeZone = [_positionOrObjectToCheck] call DZE_SafeZonePosCheck;" An optional radius can be supplied as a second argument i.e: [_positionOrObjectToCheck,500]
[UPDATED] Zombie pathing. Zeds should now run more direct to players and no longer get stuck at the position where a player entered a vehicle.
[UPDATED] The RIS attachment can be removed from the SA58_RIS_DZ now. @LunaCB
[UPDATED] The player now auto rejoins their group after dropping a radio and picking it back up when dayz_requireRadio=true. @SmokeyBR
[UPDATED] Owners can no longer be removed by added friends in plot and door management. @oiad
[UPDATED] A new hidden version of the gear menu is now used for force saves so players do not see the dialog flash on screen.
[UPDATED] Anyone can now lock a modular door without knowing the combination or having any special access. #1944 @ndavalos
[UPDATED] Locking and unlocking safes no longer plays the medic animation. #1942 @SmokeyBR
[UPDATED] Locking and unlocking safes now uses call instead of spawn on the server. This fixes the user input lock and safes appearing to disappear momentarily when server FPS is low.
[UPDATED] Added cleanup of destroyed vehicles and CraterLong after 5 minutes in sched_corpses.sqf.
[UPDATED] Reverted group menu color scheme to A2OA default for consistency with game dialogs
[UPDATED] All Zupa dialogs have been updated to use consistent title bar color, button colors, text style and background. The trader menu background is now semi-transparent for increased visibility of surroundings.
[UPDATED] DZE_ZombieSpeed = [min, max]; has replaced the, now removed, DZE_slowZombies variable. set DZE_ZombieSpeed = [2,2]; for DZE_slowZombies = true; behavior. see configvariables.sqf for more info
[UPDATED] Reverted increased waves in stormy weather to Chernarus default settings.
[UPDATED] Removed server control panel, because it is abused by players and not currently used by admins
[UPDATED] Moved large format strings in dayz_server to str formatText to avoid A2 2048 format character limit
[UPDATED] Vehicles can now only be sold from the "Gear" sell menu. This prevents accidental selling when using the "sell all" feature on backpacks and vehicle inventories.
[UPDATED] Added all upgraded weapons to the traders as sell only for the sell price of the base weapon plus the sell price of attachments. This allows them to be sold without removing attachments first. #1982 @worldwidesorrow
[UPDATED] Increased the coverage angle of headlights on land vehicles and added a headlight to the old bicycle
[UPDATED] The huey searchlight and gunner seat now have improved visibility in first person view.
[UPDATED] The AH6X_DZ now uses a new model which removes the camera and computer, adds a search light and fixes unknown animation source turret errors.
[UPDATED] Removed policecar from dayz_vehicles due to model errors, SQL must be updated if this vehicle was used, see
[UPDATED] Player is no longer set in combat for throwing a flare or chemlight
[UPDATED] CSJ_Gyro push script so it no longer spams global setPos. This allows MaxSetPosPerInterval to be filtered in BEServer.cfg.
[UPDATED] Updated DatabaseMySQL.dll to MySQL version 5.7.20, server admins should update to MySQL server 5.7.20 or above. Updated tbb.dll and tbbmalloc.dll to Intel TBB 2018 Update 2
[UPDATED] Some DZ weapons which had magazine types restricted (AK, G17, M249, PDW) can now use all compatible A2 magazines. Silenced DZ weapons can now use both SD and non-SD magazines again.
[UPDATED] Added example basic.cfg and BEServer.cfg files to server configs

[FIXED] Purchased and upgraded vehicles will now spawn quicker and no longer be destroyed by sched_safetyVehicle when server FPS is low. HiveExt.dll and SQL must be updated. See
[FIXED] Kamaz refuel trucks no longer allow automatic refueling. #1855 @coresync2k @dreamforceinc
[FIXED] Trees at POI can be chopped down now. Other trees spawned with createVehicle can be added to dayz_treeTypes in variables.sqf to allow chopping them down.
[FIXED] Vanilla POI were updated with new locations and moved back to global spawn again. This synchronizes the POI buildings and trees destroyed/chopped status for all clients.
[FIXED] All traps now need to be armed after placing. This fixes them not triggering right after building.
[FIXED] Smoke and grenade tripwires now require a grenade to rearm after triggering.
[FIXED] Player no longer does medic animation after triggering a single use trap.
[FIXED] Removing a trap with no room in your gear will no longer delete the trap.
[FIXED] Player_forceSave is now called correctly when the abort menu is opened. It was previously using the wrong variable and time.
[FIXED] The unconscious wake up animation can no longer be skipped by using a bandage or other right click actions.
[FIXED] Sharpening a knife will no longer delete one if the player already had a fully sharpened knife on their toolbelt (duplicate weapon).
[FIXED] Swimming in air or ground after relog, clothes change and respawn on certain maps. #1913 @Cherdenko
[FIXED] Arma cheats (LeftShift + NumPad-) enterable on map display and create marker text box. #1915 @BigEgg17
[FIXED] It is no longer possible to duplicate melee weapons by double clicking to drop and right clicking at the same time. @F507DMT
[FIXED] Death messages and damage sometimes showing RunOver when they should not due to a variable not resetting after being runover. @oiad
[FIXED] CFGMoves/Animation CTD on server. @icomrade Thanks Choc for reporting
[FIXED] DayZ_RollingMessage FPS impact. #1926 @BigEgg17
[FIXED] Random skin selection on new character creation with DZE_defaultSkin = [["Male skin1","Male skin2"],["Female skin1","Female skin2"]];
[FIXED] Corpse markers are now deleted for bodies that are hidden.
[FIXED] Unable to eat FoodPumpkin
[FIXED] Unable to sell classic 'ItemBloodbag' at traders @oiad
[FIXED] Unable to sell upgraded _DZE[1-4] vehicle variants if their base vehicle class is removed from the trader configs
[FIXED] The player building a shed, tent or other unlocked storage was unable to use its gear and M240 nests were non-functional until relog when DZE_GodModeBase=true; @oiad
[FIXED] Death message killer inaccurate when player is caused to bleed by one unit and then killed by a different unit shortly after. @oiad
[FIXED] Group saving issue which could potentially join a player to a random group or not save group properly after death.
[FIXED] Harvested pumpkin, sunflower, and hemp plants no longer respawn after relog (allowed infinite harvesting).
[FIXED] Multiple players can no longer harvest the same plant at once. #1928 @F507DMT
[FIXED] Purchased boats sometimes not spawning on helipad even when it is free of obstructions.
[FIXED] Unable to fill water at some ponds and wells on Napf and Namalsk due to missing or misplaced waterHoleProxy.
[FIXED] Potential undefined error for dayz_characterID on login. @oiad
[FIXED] Actions like cook, gather meat, repair, etc. are now interrupted properly if the player vaults, moves or enters a vehicle during the medic animation. #1942 @SmokeyBR
[FIXED] Readded crossbow reload sound
[FIXED] Using setDamage or setHit to kill a player via script will no longer cause a double death.
[FIXED] The dramatic recoil camera shake effect from a nearby bullet hit is now reset correctly instead of remaining permanent.
[FIXED] Added temporary fix for missing AS50 ammo error with beta branch core patch. #1955 @AirwavesMan
[FIXED] Melee and tranquilizer bolt knockouts were usually instant or far shorter than the intended time of 20s-80s.
[FIXED] Multiple dupe fixes - SERVER ADMINS, DO NOT IMPLEMENT SCRIPTS WHICH KICK PLAYERS TO THE LOBBY (ENDMISSION, FAILMISSION, etc.), YOU MUST KICK THEM ENTIRELY OUT OF THE SERVER! (EX: by BE restriction, but with the stock scripts.txt forceEnd, failmission, and endmission should kick the player anyway)
[FIXED] Certain classes (i.e. Satchel Charge) which are both magazines and weapons were not retained through skin change #1981 @AirwavesMan
[FIXED] Blocked another A2OA script execution bug from improperly cleared eventhandlers. See dayz_code\system\antihack.sqf. Thanks to Dihan for reporting
[FIXED] Missing shadows on some _DZ weapons. Thanks @Streatman
[FIXED] Launchers and launcher ammo are now detected correctly in the sell menu when a player has a launcher and ammo with the same classname.
[FIXED] Wrong bleeding icon on Epoch legacy status UI
[FIXED] A locked door can now be auto unlocked right after placement by the player who built it
[FIXED] A rare error in keyboard.sqf for certain combination binds.
[FIXED] Floating loot positions in hotel (Land_HouseB_Tenement)
[FIXED] Updates to humanity and player stats after a skin change not always saving in hive (server_getDiff)
[FIXED] Bad vehicle type crew error for RHIB2Turret on A2OA main menu intro scene
[FIXED] Fresh spawns running on login if they died while running
[FIXED] Death camera height incorrect when player dies above terrain level
[FIXED] Duplicate weapon error when player dies with the same weapon in hands and on back
[FIXED] Vehicle getOut event handler no longer runs on M240 Nest and other static weapons.
[FIXED] Autorun no longer freezes players when they spam the key or attempt to reactivate it near a body of water.

[NOTE] Fixes below were included in hotfix (March 10th 2017) and are now in the default files.
[FIXED] Fixed food and drink going down 10x faster from melee and other "working" actions. 
[FIXED] Glitch where group icons scaled very large momentarily while moving off screen.
[NEW] Added temporary check for mission file overwrite exploit. This can be removed after Bohemia patches it.

[INFO] Server admins must update HiveExt.dll.
[INFO] HiveExt.dll has been updated to return character_data duration in the 101 call for the dayz_survived stat. Source is available at github.com/vbawol/DayZhiveEpoch/pull/13 @icomrade
[INFO] The server config directory should be located outside the server's A2OA directory for security. This is now done in the example server configs by default.
[INFO] See Documents\CHANGE LOG 1.0.6.txt for the full list of --> 1.0.6 changes.