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AUCTION INFORMATION! - please read before bidding.

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You bid, You buy.. simple
Coin only bids will be accepted
Pickup and payment to be made within 7 days.
Ensure you have enough coins to pay.
No fighting or off topic discussion in auction threads.
(you may create a discussion thread if need be)

Vehicle list:

  1. URAL - ZU23
  2. MTVR - Salvage version
  3. Armed SUV - Full upgrades
  4. BTR40 - DSHKM
  5. Volkswagen Golf
  6. S1203 Ambulance
  7. Tungusta - One of a kind Tank
  8. Ural - camo
  9. Kamaz refuleing truck
  10. AAV - Aquatic Assault vehicle/tank-ish
  11. V3S Salvage Edition
  12. Towing tractor - plane tug
  13. LAV 25 HQ - Rare
  14. Toyota Hilux - DSHKM
  15. Toyota Hilux - DSHKM
  16. Toyota Hilux covered - Full upgrades
  17. Toyota Corolla sedan
  18. Toyota corona hatchback
  19. UAZ - camo
  20. UAZ - camo
  21. UAZ RU MG gun mounted
  22. UAZ RU MG gun mounted
  23. UAZ - Grenade Launcher
  24. Vodnik Ambulance
  25. Vodnik - Turret mounted - Rare

NOTE: Random loot may be found in some vehicles
Loot may consist of:

  • Fuel pumps
  • Fertilizer
  • Weapons
  • etc

Remember, this is a sight unseen auction, there is NO GUARANTEE you will receive one of the many rare vehicles/Loot in this list (unless you buy all of them) You are bidding on 5 keys, no one knows which vehicle belongs to which key, it will be up to the new owner to try find out.

Payment and pickup will be done via safe swapping.. I will PM the winner with a safe combination to place the coins into, and remove the keys from.
If they keys vanish, and the incorrect amount of cash is left, the vehicles will be deleted.. basically.. don't be a dick

- Knight -

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Got it Smile Happy bidding. Hopefully I can get something lol

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