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WTF NEWBIE -stole vehicle

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1 WTF NEWBIE -stole vehicle on Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:59 am


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-Last night around 9h25 pm in vietnam time as I just cleared 2 mission Cave and heli crash I was kicked out of the server battleeye system and can not re-enter, this happened to me quite a lot, then I ignored and I think it's time to rest and go to bed to prepare for a new day of work - despite the worry that my SUV armor has not been locked and I trust the way other players work in the PVE server. I am very reassured
And today when I went to the server my car disappeared, I used the key to find the car but not on the map anymore.
Someone sold my car with items from two missions. Cave and helicopter crash had a lot of guns and documents in the car.

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