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Reporting Welsh for Admin Abuse, I'm not care about being banned but I have 1 last thing to say

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Today I registered here, then I went to server to ask for the newbie gift, first he didn't reponse to me, I said he must be very busy, then after a long while he started casual chatting, so I asked again, this is what he said, he said is NOT admin!!

Later he ask what I want, I ask him are you admin or not? he NEVER EVER responsed that question he just act like admin again.....

Man, it is not me that first had attitude this time!

So, I suggest Knight get rid of this Welsh guy ASAP, he is toxic as hell, this fact has been proved TIME AND TIME AGAIN, I mean it is ok if he is not admin, but NOW??? Man, ask around, Knight, he killed me, I don't even care I'm banned even though this is a good server I love the players here, but Welsh as Admin is a disaster, I seriously suggest you get rid of him!

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not how it happen but i mean you see the logs too. haha


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oh seriously??? you are going to show only 1 sentence to prove your point??
You were being an asshole first, that's why i said those things!!!

You are bad man, you are intentionally setting me up!

You use incredibly bad or unconventional Egnlish talk to me, I said "speak egnlish please!", you said "oh you want to play that game?" hehehe, if that is not the prove of an Asshole, I don't know what it was.

I didn't do anything wrong, it all started when you said you are not Admin, then you started acting like an Admin and an asshole, I mean, not my fault at all!

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You have been toxic for not only this time,

that time Maxwell asked you nicely about ppl going to Welsh, you said "we care about them as much we care about sheep", if that is not racist, I don't know what that is, you said those words I remeber every word, so racist is enough to get an Admin step down, right???

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The firs started I use Jerkey id to play, I used your base as cover, you immidiately said you were losing dozens of metal floors, I mean how is that possible, even if it is how could that be me,

then you started talking about base raiding rules and such....

That's almost directly lying to my face!!! who does that???
And the 2ed day you stole the convoy mision I was playing, and talking about it is not claimable and such, yeah it is not claimable, but everybody saw what kind of asshole you are, I mean as a player whatever, as an Admin, I possitively support Knight to put you down of your Admin position.

You are Toxic, Welsh, and Moog, what did I do you are talking to me like that???You didn't see what he did to me today??if not I believe I have been acting pure decent on this server, so, Moog, excuse me I wouldn't take anything you say serious for now.

Yeah, invoke the log, I have my log too, show them to Knight, I'm counting on it! (don't you dare to delete a word from that log, Welsh Smile )

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There is the full View of that screenshot i don't hide stuff everything will be in the logs

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Welsh, you are embarrasing yourself further more, just call Knight and show him the in-game log!!!

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For serious though..

Contrary to popular belief, we do in fact have complete logs.
And here they are: (minus anything not relevant)

20:27:37 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: Welsh, how to get the newbie gift, I have never got it!
20:28:10 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: ;D
20:29:00 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: I guss Welsh is very very VERY busy right now, usually he is such a warm hearted person
20:29:32 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: just doing 20 things at one a minet
20:29:51 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: there you go, I knew I was right!
20:30:16 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: and it's 4:29 am
20:37:59 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: hmm...any admin on? i have something important to say....
20:38:10 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: nah sorry i'm not a admin
20:38:25 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: what? you got downgraded? ;DDDD
20:40:09 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: what wrong jerky
20:40:37 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: talking to me?
20:40:41 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: yep
20:40:51 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: my name is jerkey, and are you admin or not?
20:41:19 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: what do you need help with?
20:41:36 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: i'm heading off in a moment so what do you need?
20:41:38 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: but you just said youare not admin, are you or not??? man this is driving me nuts!!!!!!
20:41:54 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: would i be offering you help if i wasn't!
20:41:59 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: I thought I alreayd said what I need????
20:42:05 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: my newbie gift, I just rigestered
20:42:27 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: wtf, that's super weird, you, I mean, Welsh, you see
20:44:07 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: where you at i got your car
20:45:28 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: Jerkey where you to!
20:45:39 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: sry speak english pls
20:45:55 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: oh really you wan't to play this game
20:46:09 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: hur???what?
20:46:14 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: do you want your starter box or not?
20:46:45 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: if you are not retarded, I already said I want to twice?  or maybe... ok nvm, just give it to me then, I can pretend;)
20:46:58 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: Excuse me?
20:47:19 BattlEye Server: (Side) WelshGaz: if you want to speak to me in that attitude then forget it i'll post out to knight
20:47:21 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: about what?
20:47:31 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: ha, you are the 1 acting weird first, jackass
20:47:49 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: you are always full of shit, Welsh, I was right about you since the first day  everybody here knows it!
20:47:56 BattlEye Server: (Side) Jerkey: he acted weird first!!!
20:48:00 Player Jerkey kicked off by BattlEye: PublicVariable Restriction #8
20:48:00 Player Jerkey disconnected.

What I take from these logs is that Jerkey requested a crate, and welsh was busy, and Jerkey kept asking.. that's pretty much the be all and end all of it.

First off I would like to state that Welsh was right, he is not an Admin, he is a volunteer community moderator.. He's game play and enjoyment takes priority over staff duties, and he has been given extended access to deal with emergency issues in the even that myself or Quake is not present, Welsh is under no obligation to assist anyone with loot crates, and he does so as a favor to myself and the receiver.

The work that Welsh does here is of he's own good will, and he is a valuable community asset, and the community would not be as it is without he's help.

Looking at the logs I see that you began getting impatient after LESS THAN 2 MINUTES.. please be aware that in most cases the wait time can be much longer, I see that he was trying to help you, but you continued to being sarcastic instead of simply answering the question..

I implore you to please remain patient when requesting staff presence in future, we are busy, and we do also like to play the game.

I hope this is the last we hear of this.



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