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Mission Claim rules - Cherry Pickers

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1Mission Claim rules - Cherry Pickers Empty Mission Claim rules - Cherry Pickers on Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:54 pm

We all mostly help each other out here.  On the hard missions, combat support has been awesome.  I've done it.

No names need be mentioned, but I would like to point out:   If a person takes down a harder mission (M2s, etc).....Its fine to want to show up to help.  But the shooter takes down the last AI, and a guy showing up to cherry pick the loot after last kill.....No Go. That's not a person on an assist.

Taking a mission as a team, thats one thing.   But finally finishing the last AI, and a guy swoops in on a bicycle straight to the crate is a no go.  

Im established pretty well, so I can live the first time, or second time.  But after the second time, Im addressing it.  Its theft.  

On a mission, work together, win together.   But no cherry pickers allowed.  


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2Mission Claim rules - Cherry Pickers Empty Re: Mission Claim rules - Cherry Pickers on Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:28 am

Damn straight..

Common courtesy has always been, The person who starts the mission gets the loot, and they choose whether to share their spoils or not.
And assist is not a promise of free shit, it's just that, an assist.

To look at it in a server rules direction, I would deem it theft.. the person who marked the mission (unless it's a team affair) is the loot crate owner until the decide to share.

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