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GiveAway Contest for Arma 3 Apex Edition steam gift

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Announcing Zed's Arma 3 Apex Edition (ENGLISH) steam gift giveaway! Simply follow the rules below to enter and you could win a copy of A3A. What is included is the following:

Arma 3,
Arma 3 Apex DLC,
Arma 3 Helicopters DLC,
Arma 3 Gokarts DLC,
Arma 3 Marksmen DLC.

Plus a copy of Arma Cold War assault to boot!

To enter the giveaway you MUST post below and you must add me on steam friends list, My name there is ElusiveCrab, just look for the Same crab icon on there and ya found me. You can only enter once, no second or fake accounts allowed. Must have been apart of this community for a month or more.

The Drawing will last till April 29th 6pm CST at which one lucky winner will be chosen at random and have gift sent via Steam to their inbox.

So enjoy and have fun enjoying your new potential copy of A3!

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Entering giveaway with soviet ambition! My name is < blank > on steam with soviet profile picture (not this one).

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Hey fellow Okie, tornado season is almost upon us!

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Aye time for us to run into our shelters and enjoy the show XD

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Congrats be to Comrade Marko as you have won the draw! Enjoy your new copy of Arma 3

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Very good comearede! I trusted you are friend of people and no western spy. I have to give you soviet medal of loyality!

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Jokes aside,many thanks from Hungary to the far land of tornados.

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Awesome grats Marko!

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Comrade Marko win another Soviet Peoples Hero Medal

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I WANT TO ENTER! I've wanted that game forever lol

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ah crap it ended

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