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Refund request folllowing script kiddy shenanigans of 21/5 AM (GMT)

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I find myself in the unfortunate situation that the latest attack just happened to coincide with my consolidating two bases into one.

Having abandoned the lower value items, I loaded up my inventory, a Vodnik and a Ural which I was towing, with ALL my worldly possessions.

I genuinely have no idea of the coin value but needless to say it's all ash...

I managed to not be killed in the initial explosion but was a few seconds later, though I recovered most of the gear from my body before the unscheduled restart.

I had mostly building mats which I collected over several days and *i think* a couple briefcases, along with the usual assortment of food/ meds/ guns (DMR & ammo).

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i go outside once and the world ends.

- JJ Like a Star @ heaven

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On a good note. We weren't moonshining. That's a check from me you can cash at the bank. Nope, no illegal distilling here.

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