In order to combat lag, a server-wide vehicle cleanup will begin at 1:00pm on Saturday [AEST]
This cleanup will be extensive and unforgiving, so I suggest you store your vehicles correctly in the coming days.

Any vehicle found to be out in the open, and not in a virtual garage, inside your base (not just inside the plot radius) or in a hanger will be impounded, and if not collected within 24 hours, will be destroyed.

Virtual garage is free to use so there is no excuse for vehicles to be left out on the map.
I will also be increasing the maximum number of vehicles in virtual garage in order to accommodate this cleanup.
You can access virtual garage by scrolling on your plot pole, if you do not have a plot pole, you can buy one at trader
or request one from a staff member

Please be aware, there will be NO REFUNDS GIVEN for impounded vehicles impounded during this cleanup, unless a server bug can be identified as the reason for it's disappearance.

I have added a timer and created in-server alerts to give you guys as much notice as possible,
Thank you for the understanding.

- Knight

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EXTREME mission regulations.

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1 EXTREME mission regulations. on Mon May 28, 2018 3:01 am

I have noticed a trend of what I would personally call "Farming" of the EXTREME missions (Hilltop Fort, Taliban Island, and Bank). I think that we should incorporate a new rule such as follows :

A player can only do one(1) EXTREME mission per restart, When there is a restart a player cannot do any same EXTREME mission they done previously in that same day, A player can only do 3 EXTREME missions per 24 server hours. Therefore a player would be able to get one of the extreme missions per restart and be able to get all 3 of them with 3 restarts then would have to wait until a minimum of 24 hrs from time of doing the 1st extreme mission before doing another one.

We are getting more and more players on a daily basis and some one the newer players and being shut out of being able to do EXTREME missions or even try to attempt to do them. I strongly believe this should have some regulating. I know there is a re-work coming for them however I think it would still be a good idea for a regulation on the missions.

Thanks for reading my suggestion, look forward to hearing your feedback. Polar

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2 Re: EXTREME mission regulations. on Wed May 30, 2018 6:05 am

been talking about this back and fourth with Dmz the last week or so. Will help the economy. We need more coin soaks

-JJ Like a Star @ heaven

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