A partial wipe has been done to repair a major game-breaking issue with the database,
as a result virtual garage & bank balances have been wiped, & a small rollback has occurred.
please contact and admin in game to receive a refund of 3 vehicles & 5million coins.
(and a build crate if you lost a base due to the 12 hour rollback)

~ Knight

N.B: To the guy with 110+ vehicles in VG.. you need help bro, lol

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Sold my master key by accident, because im an idiot

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claimed a vehicle and like a total moron i changed the key over and then proceeded to sell said suv.   *facepalm* lol!

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- JJ Like a Star @ heaven

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please help lol

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Resolved? I am in process of redownloading and reinstalling software. Should be on in a day or so.

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yes this has been resolved, thanks jess, id buy you a bottle of whiskey if i could rabbit rabbit

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I don't drink but, I do however need a 500w+ PSU, which is probably cheaper than Whiskey LOL

- JJ Like a Star @ heaven

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Issues has been resolved and case closed for now please contact us if you have any more issues


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