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Server Wipe in Progress

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1 Server Wipe in Progress on Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:54 pm

Dear valued members,

As you may be already aware at 9pm AEST we will be performing a mass server wipe of all assets and objects besides humanity. Please understand that this is a normal part of server management and other servers do this as well.

This wipe is less than 24 hours away and until it is completed all server rules have been suspended(besides hacking of course).

So.. feel free to trash, destroy or murk  whatever or whoever you like!

Upon completion of the wipe ALL players will receive:

  • 5 million in cash in their bank(this will be added instantly)

Players that joined us < 30 days ago will also receive:

  • A starter Crate
  • A SUV vehicle

Players that joined us >30 days ago will receive:

  • A refund crate
  • One Restricted Starter Vehicle of their Choice

The restricted vehicle can be requested here:

If you place restricted vehicles requests elsewere they will be ignored!

Stay tuned for further updates .

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