You can now deploy new furniture items from citrines, sapphires, and amethysts...

I have no idea why I do this shit either..

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Post Wipe Rule Changes and Regulations

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Post Wipe Rule Changes and Regulations WKasQXq
Post Wipe Rule Changes and Regulations Logo210

As most of you would now be aware we have just performed a complete server wipe. This is an opportunity for all of us to start fresh. With this wipe our administartion team has decided to implament a few rules and regulations.

Replacement Keys

It has come to the attention of the staff that players are becomming reckless in regards to their masterkey. Each time an admin has to replace a key it will cost you 5k if it is due to recklessness.

Limits on Un-Garaged Vehicles

In effort to reduce lag and increase the longevity of the server before a wipe is needed individuals may have a maximum of 6 cars spawned at any given time.The rest must be stored in the virtual garage. Admins are within their rights to go around deleting vehicles until you havce 6 remaining.

Refund Regulation Changes

Refunds totalling over 200k will require investigation. The more proof and information you provide the faster this process becomes. On average an investigation will take 24-48 hrs however sometimes this can be longer due to the complexity. Be sure to post as much detail as possible. These posts must be placed in the following section and must contain your in-game name to be reviewed:http://endlessgaming.forumotion.com/f9-administrative-requests.

Further Mission Clarification

Again The bank of Chernarus, Fallen Soldier and the Redcross Supply Drop mission DO NOT require claims. Furthermore reaching the redcross supply mission first does not automatically entitle you to all the crates. If someone finds another  crate they are free to take it. All other missions besides the ones mentioned here require claims.

Restricted Vehicle Requests and Refund Crates

As promised after the wipe members older than 30 days in game are entitled to a refund crate and a restricted car of their choosing.
Neither of these  will be issued unless you fill out the form here: http://endlessgaming.forumotion.com/h3-restricted-vehicle-request-form

Starter Crates

All players less than 30 days old are entitled to a starter crate and an suv(or equivalent vehicle).These posts must be placed in the following section and must contain your in-game name to be reviewed::http://endlessgaming.forumotion.com/f9-administrative-requests.

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