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Base Building Policy

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1 Base Building Policy on Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:49 pm

Base Building Policy

effective 31 October 2018

General Rules:

  • Building within 1500m of a trader is NOT permitted.

  • Placing plot poles OR helipads within 200m of a trader vehicle spawn is not permitted under ANY circumstances, (Not even temporarily)

  • No building is permitted within 200m of military bases, or high value loot spawns (airports, barracks, etc) If in doubt, ask an Admin.
    (If using a hanger for aircraft storage you may place a single lockbox or safe inside the hanger for the purpose of storing aircraft keys and personal effects)

  • Bases are not allowed to break the laws of physics.. if you base seems to defy gravity, it WILL be deleted, alongside everything in it.

    This is acceptable:

    This, however.... is not ok:

  • You are not allowed to build on a road, you are however permitted to build a bridge over the road, provided it will not prevent another user in any land vehicle from moving through without issue.

  • Setting traps around your base is not permitted unless they are behind a locked door, if you set traps in areas easily accessible by other players it will be classed as PVP, and you will be dealt with according to the PVP policy.

  • You may not block access to any loot location where unique or rare loot spawns, e.g:

    1. hospitals - reason: This is a spawn point for unique Medical supplies
    2. fire stations - reason: This is a spawn point for high value loot like heavier weaponry, and is a common bambi goto point.
    3. schools - contains many common starting loot items and is a common bambi goto point.
    4. building sites - reason: This building type specific and unique building tools and building materials, that can only spawn in this building type.
    5. supermarkets - reason:Most common place to find food in an emergency, is a common bambi goto point, and holds and increased spawn rate for 2stroke oil.

    *Note: building on the roof, or next door is allowed, provided it doesn't impede easy or safe access for other players to the loot spawns within.

This is allowed:

This is NOT allowed:

more to come....

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