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1 BATTLETANKS! on Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:31 pm


You are cordially invited to participate in Decembers server event. A team PvP event involving tank battles in the city of Chernogorsk. A battle of both wits, and braun. To decide who our best tank teams are once and for all. Teams will do battle within Cherno's city limits. using walls, and buildings as cover.


Friday, December 28th...3pm EST or 7pm EST...Whichever works best, please vote, majority rules.


2v2 or 3v3 depending on the round and tanks in use. (brackets will be made; think World Cup)

Best of 7 rounds


If your tank is completely disabled/destroyed this is a loss.

If your tank survives, but you and your teammate die, this is a loss.

If you manage to die, but your teammate survives and can avoid his/her competition long enough, and if you are able to rejoin them before the tank is destroyed, you may resume the competition.

DO NOT bring any gear with you to this event. What does this mean?

If the question "Am I allowed to bring this?" crosses your mind...Automatically get rid of it.

There will be no need for any gear.

It is recommended that you don't even carry coins to this event. Because, if you lose your round, the opposing team will be allowed to raid your body. So don't bring any cash you don't want to lose.

Players who are not partaking in the event will be permitted to spectate from a designated area. You are not to interfere with the matches. And, if there is an issue that an admin/participant are trying to work out, keep the chat channel clear for them as to ease confuse and miscommunication.

(Humanity will be logged before the event, and will be restored upon conclusion of the event, with a bonus)


I have earmarked 25mil worth of coins to be awarded with the payouts going accordingly

1st: 12.5mil to be split between team members...EVENLY

2nd: 6.25mil to be split between team members...EVENLY

3rd: 3.125mil to be split between team members...EVENLY

The other 3.125 mil will be dispersed at my discretion for certain achievements. For example...Most kills, best kill. Bullet Sponges. (Think GoldenEye 64 type awards)

I will also award 1 tank...This tank will be 100% random, and our variants will be put into a drawing, as will all of our entrants names. The name of the Winning player will be announced first, and then the type of tank they win.

If you have any questions or concerns involving this event, please feel free to message me directly here on the forums, or via discord.

Fortune Favors The Bold.

- Artemis

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2 BATTLETANKS! Results on Sat Dec 29, 2018 3:31 pm

On this glorious day in Chernogorsk, 5 teams did battle, and these are their rankings.

In 1st place: We have Jelly2m8, and Zachary

In 2nd Place: We have Artemis/Jesus/Emgee

In 3rd Place: We have CHUBBYKANGAROO, and Fanbo

The winner of a shiny new FV510 Warrior as part of the raffle.... Fanbo/CHUBBYKANGAROO

Also awarded to M4 JCAD, and CheeseNRice was an addition of a little over 1 million in coins for being the events Bullet Sponges. (or tank shells in this case)

During the event while Jelly2m8 and Zachary were in a commanding lead, I offered up a 1million coin bounty, which everyone failed to collect. So, it was awarded to them for surviving.

Tanks in use were selected each round, one selection per team in the spirit of fairness, and integrity.

I hope everyone who participated enjoyed this event, and will return for future events; small or large.

As always, you guys help make these events possible. Thank you.

- Artemis

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