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[Under Investigation] Make unguided bombs active

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Right now, if you use unguided bombs on aircraft you will be kicked from the server. Can we get these activated?

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Will do, which aircraft specifically?

Pending investigation

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A10 and theres a version of the AV8B Harrier

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I believe the su25 could use this as well.
Thanks Knight!

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Any updates on this?

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6[Under Investigation] Make unguided bombs active Empty Mk 84 on Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:01 am

Dumb bomb drops: Mk-84s: Constantly practiced = a good drop + a highly effective air strike.

Pilots that are vetted already, and show ability to do a good run-in could be looked at and advance the cause of unlocking that weapon. (Air strike practice with the admins observing for instance)

Other ordnance has already been unlocked on this server.

I can see it happening as long as pilots continue to show they can use their weapons in the right way.

I'm all in for a Mk-84 bomb run. Just have to strike correctly and avoid collateral damage.


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Starke haven’t seen you on in a while...lmk when you are coming back, would love to run some missions with you.


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I miss playing Dayz.

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