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1EASTER EGG HUNT Empty EASTER EGG HUNT on Thu Apr 18, 2019 9:40 pm

Folks of the Endless Gaming Community,

In keeping with the Easter tradition of hiding eggs, and finding them. I have scattered 6 specific items around the map (found in gun racks). Some are in obvious locations (think map landmarks), others are a bit of a challenge to get to, and you will have to work to get them.

Each player to find them is permitted to take ONE...and ONE ONLY from it's location.

Any foul-play to screw others out of getting their collection, or taking more than one to give to your buddies (or just taking one IN GENERAL to give to a friend) will result in Disqualification from the event. If foul play is suspected, the logs will be investigated. Not only is this event meant to be a little different than the PvP events run in the past, it's also to encourage players to explore the map a little bit.

This Egg Hunt will take place until 04/30/2019. At which point all locations will be cleared of Egg Containers (gunracks)

Everyone who has ALL SIX eggs will recieve their "special prize" when presented to me (Artemis) and me alone.

Those who DO NOT possess the entire set, will still be rewarded for their attempt, however, it will not be as glorious.

Note: These items were selected because they're easy to trace in the logs as they don't spawn on the map naturally, and no vendor sells/buys them. Play dirty at your own risk.

The "Easter Eggs" are as follows...


Happy hunting, my pretties.


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2EASTER EGG HUNT Empty Re: EASTER EGG HUNT on Mon Apr 22, 2019 11:26 pm

Any clues?

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3EASTER EGG HUNT Empty Re: EASTER EGG HUNT on Wed May 01, 2019 7:01 pm

The Easter Egg Hunt is now concluded...Those of you who have collected your sets may now start contacting me for your rewards. Remember, you must have the FULL SET to get the full reward. Those of you who only have partial sets will still receive a reward, it just won't be as good.


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