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Hilltop Challenge

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1Hilltop Challenge Empty Hilltop Challenge on Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:01 pm

This is an open challenge, available to all players.

What is the Hilltop Challenge?

I'm glad you asked. You will be tasked to complete the Hilltop Stronghold using ONLY the following:

DMR: 2x magazine (no more, no less)

Makarov PM or Silenced PM: As many magazines as you like

And last, but not least...

You get 3 lives in which to complete this task. To be clear, that means 2 respawns. Once you respawn a 3rd time, the challenge is failed. You may complete the mission for the loot however you like after a challenge failure.

This shouldn't have to be said, but some like to try and find loopholes.


This is NOT a team event. It must be done SOLO. Any outside help will void your attempt.

Also, this task must be witnessed by a staff member for confirmation. Video recordings are NOT valid confirmation.
The reason for this rule is to remove any doubt that this challenge was done legitimately, and that ANY irregularity that may occur while conducting this challenge can be immediately addressed by said staff member. And hold the integrity of the challenge in the fairest way possible.

Staff decisions are FINAL.

I will also state that this is phase 1 of 3 that will involve doing an Extreme Mission under certain circumstances. Once we have a player complete phase 1, that will unlock me posting the rules for the 2nd phase. If/When a player completes all 3 phases, they shall receive "The Blessing Of The Gods"...What that is; well, you'll just have to do this to find out. Only I know the final reward, and I will not divulge any information on it. But, anyone who has ever done an event with me, knows that I am no cheapskate. I make your prizes worth it.

Go...Play...Have Fun!


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2Hilltop Challenge Empty Re: Hilltop Challenge on Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:09 am

Ba dum bump... tsssss

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