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heli crash BS

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1heli crash BS Empty heli crash BS on Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:09 am

I was 900ft in the air and i wasnt lagging or anything, and just was on the floor randomly, my wifi didnt go to shit like usual for once. I lost my KA 52 because of this. if i could get a refund that would be great,

Loving the server,

many thanks.


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2heli crash BS Empty Re: heli crash BS on Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:32 am

In my opinion, hardware crashes on your end, are your problem...If it was a server issue, I could see issuing a refund.
Aside from that, "crashes, glitches, and issues" seem to be an ongoing, and prevalent issue with you. It's almost daily I see something from you stating you lost something, or the game glitched. And, honestly...It's tiresome.

So...It's a no from me.


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3heli crash BS Empty HELI CRASH BS-RE on Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:23 am

It wasnt anything on my end, like i said, my wifi wasnt going to shit last night. A lot of bad shit RL was going on last night so i wouldnt have been able to tell anyone in game as i was only on for an hour or so

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4heli crash BS Empty Re: heli crash BS on Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:44 am

I saw your chat via DaRT. You stated that your “PC crashed”....That would be a problem on your end.

- Artemis

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5heli crash BS Empty Again heli crash on Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:18 am

My Pc didnt crash last night, i thought that maybe arma had stopped responding to cause the heli crash, i doubt it because i was very high in the air and just appeared on the floor. That isnt just lag. i had good fps and ping last night, the one of the only nights i had good wifi and stuff,

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6heli crash BS Empty Re: heli crash BS on Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:38 am

Regardless...It’s gonna be a “no” from me.

- Artemis

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