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Keep getting kicked in lobby when trying to connect.

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Hello, I am new to your site and server and for many days I have been trying to connect to your epoch server to play but I keep getting kicked out when it downloads the mission in the lobby connect screen. I've verified all my files for steam and epoch itself and they all check out just fine. Is there something else I need to do to join you fine chaps?

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No there should be no reason for it to kick you, being a PVE server we have no ping restrictions, or location requirements.. and I see no errors regarding anyone having login issues on the server end.

It may be a glitch on your computer, There has been a recent issue with everyone's battleye install, you should try placing a copy of your battleye install files into your ARMA2 OA folder, and see if that helps, also it might not hurt to try refreshing your game settings save file in your documents folder.


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Thanks for the quick reply and help, unfortunately it did not resolve my problem, but I did manage to finally fix it. Apparently copying my addon folder from arma 2 to arma 2 OA and then deleting all files in said folder with the extension .pbo finally fixed the issue for me, so yay! Awesome server by the way, definitely looking forward to playing some more on this server.

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