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New here? Free loot!

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1New here? Free loot! Empty New here? Free loot! Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:34 pm



New here? Free loot! WKasQXq

New here? Free loot! Logo210

Welcome to Endless Gaming Epoch

As a welcoming gift we would like to give you one free loot box, the lootbox will contain a small amount of coins, a safe, a plotpole, some building supplies, and some surprise items to help you along with your DayZ adventure.

If you would like a loot crate, simply make an administrative request here and one of the admin will PM message you shortly with some coordinates and a password so you can retrieve your items even if we are offline.

You may only receive this loot box one time, and will be matched to your UID, not your username.

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