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1Test Pilot Empty Test Pilot Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:34 am


Just a snapshot thought I wanted to share.

I will help any admin on any test flying on this server for any future ideas. I just run on the ground to save for it.

The problem with air support (jets with bombs) is the possibility of collateral damage. Always have a JTAC.

Id would love to fly the AV-8 again with MK 82s on board. Air support to guys in need is the idea. Imagine how neat it could be to have a guy above at FL200 on a CAP, that could just come in, and do a run, on call. It can happen. Just flying such a bird alone is fun and an honor in a server.

To own a plane should be expensive though. On top of the responsibility, its a gametime endorsement of humanity and obviously gold. I'd pay it. Last week's flight was very neat and it was very much appreciated. What if you're a guy on the ground and need help, but then you have a guy up there in a jet that can help? You call him in and suddenly its all hell for the enemy. A guy that CAN do a bomb run with MK82s off the rack of an AV8. And it can be coordinated properly with a proper run-in and good comms.

A JTAC on the ground can call it in, and a guy that loves to fly can make the majic happen. I would love to be that guy on the bomb run. (it takes bomb run practice to keep sharp and sucks at the same time LOL but I won't mention it...oh wait)

With respect, bring the jets. Wink There are guys that can do the rest. I request consideration of the idea, and to be a guy to help show it if and when I can.


2Test Pilot Empty Re: Test Pilot Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:36 am



Test Pilot MOOrS6E

I second this motion lol

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