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Marketplace Rules and Regulations

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Marketplace Rules and Regulations WKasQXq

Marketplace Rules and Regulations Logo210

As a result of a changing community, we here at Endless Gaming have decided to regulate the Buying/Selling/Auctioning and Trading of in game items.

In the interests of making everything fair these following rules and guidelines are effective immediately.

General Guidelines:

  • You must be at least a member of the Endless Gaming Forums for at least 7 days before you can sell in this thread ( You can still bid on items for sale).

  • Only one thread per person at any given time.

  • Do not reference or try to sell your own items/trades in other peoples threads.

  • You may only bump your thread once every 24 hours.

  • Please prefix your thread title so people know what kind of a post it is(FS - For Sale , FT - For Trade, WTB - Want to Buy or FA - For Auction)

Guidelines and Regulations for Sellers:

  • You are not permitted to edit the Auction/Sale thread once the first bid has been made(Failure to adhere to this may be considered scamming).

  • Auctions must have a set end time clearly displayed in the thread. This deadline must be adhered to. ¬†You can not under any circumstances sell/auction items for real currency.

  • All auctions must be for in game coin only. This means no rubies,gems, gold ect.

  • For all auctions you may include a starting price and/or a reserve(A reserve is a the minimum you want to get for your items, if the auction does not reach this you are under no obligation to sell). If an action does not have a reserve, you must sell the item at the end of the auction to the highest bidder.

Guidelines and Regulations for Buyers:

  • All bids made are considered binding. This means if you place a bid/offer you must be prepared to honor it if you are the highest/selected offer. The only circumstance that a bid can be retracted is on mutual agreement between the Buyer and the Seller (Failure to adhere to this rule can be considered scamming).

  • No thread-lowballing. If you think someones price is unreasonable just avoid making an offer.

  • All posts you make must be relevant at all times. Excessive unecessary posting can be considered bumping.

Guidelines and Regulations for Trades:

  • All trades are done so at your own risk. This means admins are under no obligation to replace/refund scammed items.

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