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Please Read this Before Posting

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Please Read this Before Posting WKasQXq

When posting a bug report please include the following:

  • What Happened(As much detail as possible)
  • When it happened(if you know-This helps me find stuff in the logs).
  • If it was a battle-eye kick or you get an error message please at the very least provide that if you can. If you cannot please provide what you were doing at the time so admins can best replicate the error.

DISCLAIMER: Arma 2 Dayz is a very poorly created game mod. This means that there are certain bugs that happen that we have no control over and therefore cant fix. Sometime these bugs are a one time off , while others are a bit more frequent.With arma 2 epoch patches being fewer and far between some stuff is just not fixable. Sometimes these bugs become more frequent with low fps. With that being said if you are lose anything as a result of a bug we will refund you!


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