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Better armed vehicles

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1Better armed vehicles Empty Better armed vehicles Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:32 pm


Whether it be tracked vehicles or wheeled, just something with a closed turret please. I suggest maybe BMP-2's or maybe even low tier tanks (T34's, T55's) for an expensive price. Or even some wheeled vehicles such as Stryker's (preferably Stryker MGS) or BTR-60's, BRDM-2's with a turret. And for the aviation front, I'd suggest AH-64's, AH-1's for helicopters. As for planes, I never was much into them, maybe some low tier jets. Just something fast.

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Better armed vehicles MOOrS6E

As far as the armed vehicles go. There are BMP-2,T34s,M1A1, etc already on the server. They are Super Hero. I do support AH-64, AH-1,and possibly F35s.

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add BMP 3 and MRAP (Dingo 2 CZ) too Smile

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