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List of all helis/trucks and their lifting ability (or lack of)?

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Is there some way we could get a list of all unarmed and armed helis and what they can and cannot lift? And a list of larger trucks/vehicles and whether each one can be lifted or not?

I'm finding constant and illogical variations on what helis can lift, which ones can't, which trucks can be lifted, which ones can't, etc, and I've wasted at least 2 million on different helis trying to figure out which ones lift and which ones cannot. It's pretty damn stupid and causes people to waste tons of coins needlessly, and some of it doesn't even make sense, like how V3S trucks from the trader cannot be lifted at all (which basically makes no one use them and limits vehicle choice).

2List of all helis/trucks and their lifting ability (or lack of)? Empty It would be helpful Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:42 am



Have to agree with SD on this one. It would be helpful if there was a list as such. Like SD, I've spent a fair bit trying to find a suitable lifting heli.


On the other side of the coin....having owned and scripted code for my own server many years ago, I understand the potential logistical nightmare of delivering such a list and all the intricacies of turning on/off the lift/tow abilities of each individual vehicle.

Having not seen the code, I couldn't tell you, but usually the writers of these scripts, just dump every single vehicle allowable by battle eye into the code and leave it up to the server owner to switch on/off the lift/tow capabilities. And I could see why perhaps the V3S may have been missed.




List of all helis/trucks and their lifting ability (or lack of)? WKasQXq

I completely missed this thread, sorry for the late response.

I'll see what I can do about this, a new player guide with this and other tips and tricks might be the best option.



Oh, hey thanks!

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