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Claiming extream missions?

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1Claiming extream missions? Empty Claiming extream missions? Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:25 pm


Last Sunday, our group decided to head to Raghead Island. We've seen several other players claim the island before, so we did the exact same thing. However, once we announced our claim, we were immediately by another player that we could not claim that mission because it was an extreme mission and they then removed our claim marker. This caused a great deal of confusion because when we looked at the server rules, it did not state anything about not being able to claim extreme missions. I am asking for clarification, because if this is an actual rule, it needs to be directly stated on the rules page instead of being an "unwritten".

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Claiming extream missions? MOOrS6E

To my undestanding. The extreme missions are completely claimable. It is the loot drop type missions that are not claimable ( Falled Soldier, RedCross Helicopter, and The Bank). Feel free to claim away on those missions and show everyone the courage you are putting forward.

If there are any issues, have the person refer to this post as a guide as to the ruling in regards to those missions.

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Claiming extream missions? MOOrS6E

this post actually clarifies that. because i was told that extreme missions weren't claimiable. i stand corrected and will be more vigilant in the future bounce

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