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Mission Claiming Policy

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Mission Claiming Policy WKasQXq

Mission Claim Policy: effective 31 October 2018

Claiming missions are done on a 'first in, first served' basis, please be courteous and respectful if you miss out, there will always be a next time.

General Rules:

Prior to attempting a mission you are REQUIRED to notify intent in side chat as well as place a map marker on the edge (top or bottom) of the mission radius zone, stating it is "Claimed".

Failure to place a legible mark or notify in side for your mission claim, may result in your claim being invalidated.

You are not permitted to claim more than one mission at a time, or 'reserve a mission', This includes teams, claiming a mission whilst still assisting someone with a different mission is still classed as reserving.

HOWEVER: If two missions are overlapping, obviously one will interfere with your progress with the other, IT IS permissible to claim both, but only in this circumstance.

In the event of claiming a mission and then hitting a trader for supplies, this DOES NOT constitute "reserving, or blocking" a mission for/from other players. Hitting the "HELICOPTER" supply en route to your mission is permissible. Sometimes you just need  supplies. (I can't believe this even had to be written down)

HOWEVER: If you are in progress of a mission, it IS NOT permissible, to abandon the mission to go collect the "HELICOPTER" supplies. You MUST complete your mission.

You cannot claim if you are still working on another mission you need to finish completely this means you must have finished looting, have removed your marker and left the area (or unclaimed the mission and left the area)

Mission hogging is not permitted, this means you cannot hit static missions (Island, Outpost/Hilltop/Bank) consecutively each reset, this includes teams,
e.g: Jim and Joe hit hilltop, Both Jim and Joe are not permitted to hit it again for 2 restarts
(i.e. an 8 hour period).

Joe or Jim can assist another non-associated player if the player asks for help
Also includes hitting multiple Extreme Missions per restart. (hence the "hogging" term)

Upon the completion of Hilltop, Raghead Island, UN Outpost, or The Bank of Chernarus you are REQUIRED to place a marker, stating they have been completed.

You must COMPLETELY clear a mission before collecting your loot, snatch and runs are not permitted.

All missions except for supply drop, Fallen soldier and roaming AI require claiming.

Furthermore, players should not be removing marks on the map unless instructed to by an admin or the player who placed it. In the event that a claim has been incorrectly placed simply inform the player they should remove it.

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