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Heli and Car key randomly disappeared in inventory

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As i said ....
I parked my BDRM and CH53 at base (bought today 9/6/2018 MST)
Then start moving stuff into safe and crab, then when i return to lock the vic then put them in vg. i cant do it cuz my key is not in inventory( super werid acutally this is the second time that happened to me).

Problem: Key Dissappear and no idea how.
Seeking for help: what happened and how admin will suggest us to do in the future to prevent this from happening again. Tks

In Game ID:Do5528



Heli and Car key randomly disappeared in inventory WKasQXq

When moving items, you overfilled your toolbelt and dropped the keys.. on the ground.

Contact an admin in game for replacement keys.

I recommend to you, as I do to everyone, to place a spare set of keys in a lockbox at your base somewhere.


If only there was a way...

Ya'll stay with me and let me be the first on this idea..

If only there was a way.    If only there was like a metal we could use, and it could be on like a vendor or something.   A type of metal for making key copies!

And then if there was a tool that could help do that, using THAT metal.    I could make hundreds of key copies if I wanted to!   But then Id have to know how to make something like a fire and that would be like 3 steps.  

But no such thing exists because we have 17 requests each day for keys.  

The apocalypse sucks    My life is ruined!

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