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Making Keys to make a better Apocalypse!

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1Making Keys to make a better Apocalypse! Empty Making Keys to make a better Apocalypse! Sun Sep 09, 2018 2:30 am




Hello again folks, I am Sergeant Starke, the newly self appointed safety NCO.   Today's topic is key making.  
You know, today in Chernarus I look around and I walk about pleased and mostly safe.   I mean, the birds are singing and the crickets are dancing.  Seriously, the murders are way less rampant considering the restart of a human apocalypse 6 years ago.   Now that we are all here, in Epoch, I realize its time for me to give a safety briefing:

Todays topic:  "CAR KEYS AND YOU".    

There are two ways to have one key to a vehicle or even multiple vehicles and multiple times.   One is the wrong way.   And then there is a right way.   I want to spend time on the wrong way first.  Lets begin by looking in on Tran.  He has been here 9 months:

"I am bad day lose key again nine time, I want admin".

You see folks, in the apocalypse, Mister Tran lost his key.   He fails to realize why his key is missing.    Otherwise, Darwin had a failure too, but that realization comes later.

Lets look in on Johnny though, its his first day.  Luckily for him he studied his Government Provided Safety Handbook.  And he just purchased his first vehicle, a vodnik!  It comes with a key!

"Sergeant Starke, I just bought this truck, but I am worried that I might lose the key to it!  What can I do to be a productive member of society?"
"Well, Johnny, lets use the steps from your Government Provided Safety Handbook"

You see folks, what we want to do here is to help actual survivors and replenish the human race with useful people.   We'll let Tran get eaten to death by a pack of 100 zombies while he is locked out of his own vehicle.   Let Darwin help us there while you folks and me look in on Johnny, with simple instructions and our Government Provided Safety Handbook.

1.  Obtain 1 tin bar.    Yes, thats right, just one
2.  Get a keymaker kit.   Its a tool, and expensive at first, but it won't take long to loot or obtain one.
3. Chop a tree with your hatchet to obtain at least one Wood Pile.
4.  Light a fire.  Metal work takes a fire.  Be sure to use your Government Safety Goggles when lighting a match though
5.  Right click the key to "make copy" In fact, you should have purchased 4 tins, to make multiple copies for later, for when we cover "Master Key"
6.  Make multiple copies, using additional tin. Put the extra copies into a safe or lock box at your "base"

"Wow Sergeant Starke.  Its like a hack or a life lesson or something.   Thanks Sergeant Starke, now i Know!"
"And knowing is half the battle, kid"

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LOL I enjoyed reading this Very Happy

Another method...Why not just place key into your backpack, when you are at base, place the vehicle into your VG but leave the key in your backpack. Then place that key in your backpack into your safe.
Then get that vehicle out of VG again and you have the same key again. Then put that key into your backpack and put vehicle back in VG while key is in your backpack, then put the key that is in your backpack into your safe or lockbox then rinse and repeat to make multiple copies......and you are welcome!



Making Keys to make a better Apocalypse! MOOrS6E

Excellent Sgt. Starke, but we need to mention one other items as ammended to item 3 and item 6:

Keep up the good work,

Capt. Foxmore, callsign 'fox_mike'.

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