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Cherno Safety Office: SURVIVAL AND YOU

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Welcome back folks. Once again, I am your self appointed Safety NCO, Sergeant Starke, and I am here today to discuss survival.

You know, nothing pleases me more than to fly around and enjoy the environment. The birds are chirping, and the bees are smiling. Things are getting much better since the day mankind wiped itself out six years ago. And we are survivors.

And we are flying and singing, and SUDDENLY: BOOOOF: Bird Strike! Or a TREE! You are now instantly on the ground and your life is changed again. But don't worry, we can utilize our government provided safety handbook and discuss how to live.

We can now use our handbook and talk about the proper way to walk out. Lets look at the wrong example first, from Yuri:

"I are loost key, I am call admin"

You see, Yuri is wrong in this example. He just crashed his Soviet built MI-17. He somehow still lived, however. Also, Yuri had the one key to all his vehicles. He has no food, no water, and he certainly has no hope.

Lets see what happens in the same instance with Billy (he crashed his H model Huey). He is from Alabama and he too just crashed:

"I can't belive Im still alive?! F*** me! Im so F*****! " "I hate this buills**** apocalypse! I better get my government provided handbook so I can walk out of this hellhole"

You see, Billy is keeping calm. Also, before flying, Billy carried two canteens and two cooked meats in case something like this would happen (plus basic survival meds). Well, today Billy needs it because he is in deep trouble. He crashed way up north and even though he has some troubles, he in fact will make it because he has his government provided safety handbook.

Without basic gear, and no idea how to come back, you must head South. Billy knows this and starts doing just that. Lets look in on Yuri:

"I am complain! I am get admin!"

You see, Yuri is wrong because he does not understand survival. Also, he does not have his Government Provided Handbook.

After a while, we look in on our two guys. Lets start with Yuri:
"I am complain!!"

Lets now look in on Billy:
"Looks like Im going home. I kept my shit together, Im heading home, I have a in addition to water.addidtional snacks. WOW, being a provider really helped me out. I even fed stragglers!! And Im omw home using a compass".

Later on: Billy makes it home! He is hugged and the birds ar singing and bees are buzzing!!
When you use your basic safety skills from your Government Provided Safety Handbook you can do anything. Billy knew this, and he made it out after the crash. Lets check in on Yuri:

"I am not get good! I are yell admin!", yells Yuri.

Yuri is defiaiant, and seemingly angry. He didn't read his Government Provided Safety Handbook before he crashed.

Billy gets on the radio from his house and invites people over for a barbecue. Amazing how so basic this is!




Cherno Safety Office:   SURVIVAL AND YOU OV1Pbp7

Basically, what I got out of this lesson is that basically, Billy is a Basic Bitch. Basically...



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