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Base Building Policy

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1Base Building Policy Empty Base Building Policy Wed Oct 31, 2018 9:49 pm



Base Building Policy WKasQXq

Base Building Policy

effective 31 October 2018

General Rules:

  • Building within 1500m of Stary trader or 1000m from any other trader is NOT permitted. This is measured from as close to the center of the traders city circle as possible.

  • Placing plot poles OR helipads within 1000m of a trader vehicle spawn is not permitted under ANY circumstances, (Not even temporarily) USE THE HELIPAD AT THE PUBLIC PARKING LOT FOR THIS!!!

  • No building is permitted within 200m of military bases, or high value loot spawns (airports, barracks, etc) If in doubt, ask an Admin.
    (If using a hanger for aircraft storage you may place a single lockbox or safe inside the hanger for the purpose of storing aircraft keys and personal effects)

    Base Building Policy WDL3USR
    Base Building Policy O7uQC7U

  • Bases are not allowed to break the laws of physics.. if your base seems to defy gravity, it WILL be deleted, alongside everything in it.

  • Bases must have proper foundations. That means the walls should be going into the ground. Walls supported by sandbags, metal panels, wire fences, etc...Are not considered a proper foundation.

  • Ramps must be realistically supported

  • Bases are not allowed to exceed the height of 50m, being measured from ground level.

  • Heli-platforms may protrude 1 full metal floor past its base, after that, it must have supporting structures.

  • Don't use metal floors as walls. They don't render quickly, and have been known to lead to aerial incidents.

  • Building on the Aircraft Carriers is NOT permitted.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO BUILDING WITHIN 2000m of visual range of the UN Outpost or Hilltop Stronghold. This includes temporary structures! (The missions are supposed to be hard, challenge yourself.) *Note: Any base currently there is either admin built, or grandfathered in.

    This is acceptable:
    Base Building Policy XbsBAe9

    This, however.... is not ok:
    Base Building Policy KnX31fU

  • You are not allowed to build on a road, you are however permitted to build a bridge over the road, provided it will not prevent another user in any land vehicle from moving through without issue.

  • Setting traps around your base is not permitted unless they are behind a locked door, if you set traps in areas easily accessible by other players it will be classed as PVP, and you will be dealt with according to the PVP policy.

  • You may not block access to any loot location where unique or rare loot spawns, e.g:

    1. hospitals - reason: This is a spawn point for unique Medical supplies
    2. fire stations  - reason: This is a spawn point for high value loot like heavier weaponry, and is a common bambi goto point.
    3. schools - contains many common starting loot items and is a common bambi goto point.
    4. building sites - reason: This building type specific and unique building tools and building materials, that can only spawn in this building type.
    5. supermarkets - reason:Most common place to find food in an emergency, is a common bambi goto point, and holds and increased spawn rate for 2stroke oil.

    *Note: building on the roof, or next door is allowed, provided it doesn't impede easy or safe access for other players to the loot spawns within.

This is allowed:
Base Building Policy 6bjcXzD

This is NOT allowed:
Base Building Policy TBnLlt1

more to come....

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2Base Building Policy Empty Re: Base Building Policy Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:13 am



Base Building Policy OV1Pbp7

I'd like to propose an amendment...Can we please use walls for walls, and floors for floors...I just flew into someones OBSCENE tower because metal floors don't render until like...the last minute. This damn thing is built out of nothing but metal floors...Grid 100 068

- Artemis

Base Building Policy 20181110

3Base Building Policy Empty Re: Base Building Policy Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:56 pm



Base Building Policy WKasQXq

I agree with this, The very reason we have the no floating building rule is because floor pieces have lower spawn distances than walls, Anyone have any objections to this amendment?

4Base Building Policy Empty Re: Base building policy. Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:01 pm



Base Building Policy MOOrS6E

I agree with Artemis.

That metal walled monstrosity is a hazard to aviation and a resource hog. Please ammend policy to prohibit using metal floors or panels for walls.

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