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Hacker Problems and Stat Adjustment for "fanbo"

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As you may know, recently there was an issue with a hacker using my character (fanbo) and making it seem like I was killing players while in a Medical Evac Blackhawk. All of this happened while I was online and in the server. I quickly made an account on this website and joined the discord in order to clear my name. Unfortunately, I havent had the opportunity to talk to an admin about it yet, but I have heard that the issue has been resolved. (Through Zachary and Meatball) (As well as looking at the "help-and-reports" chat section in discord.)

I would like to make a request, however, to have my humanity adjusted back to around a positive 6000. After the whole hacker ordeal, it left my character with -8600 humanity. I would prefer to play on the server as a Hero instead of a Bandit.

I would love to chat with an Admin about it, as I have no idea who was the mastermind behind it. I just want to make sure that we are on the same page, and to make it clear that I would not do anything to harm the server in any way.

Also, If I am posting this in the wrong area of the website please let me know. (If so, I greatly apologize)

Thank you for your time.
I love you



Hacker Problems and Stat Adjustment for "fanbo" WKasQXq

I personally investigated the issue, and the 'hacker' (script kiddie) was banned from the server and has been added to the global ban list, which we share with many other servers as well. (for those interested it was "Winter"

The fact that you made a conscious effort to alert an admin to the issue as soon as possible was reason enough for you not to be suspected, and the logs also reinforced this line of thought immediately.

Your request to have your humanity set is approved,



Hacker Problems and Stat Adjustment for "fanbo" OV1Pbp7

I have a reset Fanbo's humanity as of this time.


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