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Vehicle request

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1Vehicle request Empty Vehicle request Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:08 am



Hello Admins, with a special shoutout to Artemis who got me started w/ my character last week. I’ve been playing (and enjoying) your server almost every day for the past week and I had my first vehicle get deleted last night due to the restart. I had been on for a few hours trying to complete a medium difficulty mission when my HUMV got ambushed and a few wheels shot out. I only had 2 in my inventory but it needed 3 replaced. Unfortunately, I had to Abort before I could return to repair the 3rd wheel but I did lock my vehicle beforehand. With this being my first offense leaving my vehicle in a field, would you be willing to replace for me? I’ve been using it for several missions with success and would like to continue to use it if I can.

It was the non-armored version w/ machine gun and grenade launcher. It was given to me by a more advanced player after I helped him with a Hero mission. Lmk, thx guys!

Also, lmk how I can make a donation to the server so you can continue to keep it active. I’m really enjoying it and it is pretty much the only server I play. Regards, Thad

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Vehicle request OV1Pbp7

Thad, it was the Hummvee SOV, yeah? because I believe I moved one to the impound yard just south of Trader City Stary.

- Artemis

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Vehicle request WKasQXq

All vehicles are impounded for a few days before they are destroyed.

If you right click on your key/s, you can "Identify Vehicle", this will give you a list of the vehicle/s that key is attached to, and it will also place a marker at the location of the vehicle/s on your in game-map.

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