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Hacker Destruction

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1Hacker Destruction Empty Hacker Destruction Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:12 pm



Hacker Destruction OV1Pbp7

It seems this evening we had a little excitement before I logged on, and some wiseguy decided to destroy 99.9% of vehicles that were outside of the Virtual Garage. Some of you have already been compensated for your losses. Others have not, and we, the staff will get to you and help you out the best we can. We ask for your patience during this time, as we try to sort you all out. Please keep in mind sometimes this stuff happens, and can be a bit stressful. Just keep playing, and let us know what was lost. We can, and will do our best to make this right.

All that being said. I think the server performance is better since this jackass wiped all those vehicles. LuLz  Razz Too soon?

I should also mention, this should be a perfect example of why you should ALWAYS put your toys away when you're done with them. As it seems vehicles in the VG were unaffected.

And, just one more thing. I see that a great many of people like to leave their plotpole outside of their base...You need to lock it up INSIDE your base. This isn't me being mean, but you need to protect it from theft. If you leave it outside your base, you're just asking for someone to nick something from you. While I understand that theft and PvP is forbidden, it can, and does happen. So protect yourself and property.

- Artemis

2Hacker Destruction Empty Re: Hacker Destruction Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:34 pm



Hacker Destruction WKasQXq

I completely second this.

Please take extra steps to protect your items...

We will always compensate in these instances but lets not make it easy for Douchebags.

**As Per Knights Request** only those who were online at the time of the hacker will be refunded.

We have come to this decision as you should be taking steps to prtoect your stuff while you are offline.


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