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Small AI warning script

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1Small AI warning script Empty Small AI warning script Sat Feb 03, 2018 4:37 am



I thought it might be usefull to have a warning if roaming ai gets close to you because you have forgotten to check the map. Maybe the radio could get a RMB tobble to activate and deactivate "scanning on all channels". When you get close to a roaming ai you have a message will pop up like "Your radio picked up something. It seems someone or something is nearby. Check your map!". I don't think it would need a sound at all...

This would have a couple of advantages:
- You can add more roaming AI since they are easier to handle.
- People that want a challenge can toggle the script of (so no change at all for those who don't like it)
- Beginner friendly if default on

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Small AI warning script WKasQXq

If you are on foot you will get an opfor radio alert if ai come near

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