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New Av-8 ;)

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1New Av-8 ;) Empty New Av-8 ;) Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:43 pm



First, a low class AV-8 actucally can beat a top class F35 pilot. It was done.

No ego, no harm, and LOL. And not jabbing the certain person that made me "parachute" after his F35 burned.

Just sending my request for my one bird back. (it was given but despanwed before I could get it)

And my genuine Salute to the other pilot I wont name. We fought for like 10 minutes I bet. And he was tough, and shot holes in my canopy. I was almost done by him. It was a WW1 style but modern day dogfight. He went down in flames with a salute...…….but then...….."I'm in a parachute"

I honorably salute my victom and victor at the same time and humbly request the one bird that keeps me flying. Key and all.


2New Av-8 ;) Empty Pilots. Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:07 am


We laughed, smoked, drank. It was fun...but it was last week.

Thaz, Return my plane. I didn't eject. I was "admin'd" by you. I still flew well.

With all respect, Sir

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