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Another missing truck on login.

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1Another missing truck on login. Empty Another missing truck on login. Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:24 pm

Led Colecta

Hi guys, not having a great time of it lately... Whilst i have been frequenting your server for the past couple of weeks and met a great bunch of guys, gliches are such that i feel i am wasting my time here.

I have created threads for a couple of issues i have had without response. Tonight i logged in to find that the truck i spent my last coins on is now also gone. Plot pole broke last night when a truck spawned on it. Now i have no coin, no vehicles and little chance of making any sort of base as i can not afford anything and there doesnt seem to be any starter kit.

Keen to come back and play on here with my young fella. Just let me know when will be an appropriate time to at least get a plot pole or one of my vehicles back.


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