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Stealth Missions, Night Ops

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Hey Guys,
Is it possible to create specific missions that require more of a stealth tactic and team coordination? Maybe using silenced weapons only, aka Ghost Recon...missions that require a Sniper providing overwatch and maybe a ground player moving silently through a mission.

Also taking this 1 step further, make some Night-Ops missions that require NV and stealth, like taking out the Prez or Mayor with more AI inside the building as opposed to standing watch outside in a group. Some food for thought...

Thx, Thad

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Stealth Missions,  Night Ops OV1Pbp7

Bobble and I have run Raghead Island on foot, using more stealth than anything. Last time, we used suppressed weapons only. We are now 2/2 without dying. But, it's quite exhilarating with that god mode turned off.

- Artemis

P.S. You could always try voting night....

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