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Continuing trade deal - Selling Full Cinder Walls

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Like the title says. I know some people just buy full cinder walls instead of making them.

For those that do that: Cost at wholesaler is 120k for each one. If you sell them like I do, you get 80k.

I want to sell them to players for100k each. Its saves the player 20k per cinder wall, and adds 20k coin for each one I sell.

Hit me up in game any time. I never know if I'll have 5 or 30 but always willing to sell whatever I have. At the time of this writing I've stockpiled close to 25.


2Continuing trade deal - Selling Full Cinder Walls Empty question Thu Aug 29, 2019 12:52 pm


hi starke its connor, do you still have cinder walls?

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