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1" MERLIN DISSAPERED ! " Empty " MERLIN DISSAPERED ! " Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:28 pm


I logged out for the 8am resart 07/07/2019 and had to leave my chopper where I landed it at the klen traders because it took enemy AI fire which
made it lose it fuel .
I logged back in and the merlin had gone its not where I left it ? is there a place where they go ? or is it gone ?
Its not the end of the world it had some gear in it but nothing that cant be replaced I was just wondering because I still have the key for it .
Ok ADMIN TEAM I hope you reply asap and il see one of you on the server.
Thanks for your time

2" MERLIN DISSAPERED ! " Empty Re: " MERLIN DISSAPERED ! " Tue Jul 09, 2019 5:44 pm




Hi, Zippy
Vehicles that are left in safe zones for restart have the tendency to get thrown out when the sever restarts. When they get thrown sometimes they explode sometimes they dont. I will approve a replacement just hit up an admin in game and direct them to this thread.

For Reference: Quake, Knight, Welsh, Jessica Jones, Cpt Polar bear, Fox Mike and Artemis are admins

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