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Base deletion question

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1Base deletion question Empty Base deletion question Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:44 am


Good evening/good morning! Long story short...built a base outside server rules, unattainable structure in real life, got a Moderator check, received 24 hours deadline to reconfigure it. Did that in less than 3 hrs. 1 day after, I log in...base gone. Good guy Artemis guided me with some basic ideas about what happens when metal floors are rendering too late for other players, just like an awesome admin he is. I've got my information, that thing slipped, had no clue about it before. I care less about the base. After about 8-9 months since I first logged in here, I finally decided to put some safes away. So my first base here lived for..hmm less than a day Smile. Rules are clear: base gets deleted if criterias are not met, all the stuff in it as well. My only question is this: any chance for the gear and those aprox. 60-65 mil in safes to be brought back to life?

PS As a player who logs in 3 rounds(restarts) per day, almost everyday, I accept to be called stupid if needed. I accept when my design is against the rules and needs be put to rest, but most of all, I would have wanted a big NO-NO as an advice regarding metal floors as building material. When I got the notice to take it down because it breaks the laws of gravity, my taughts were on design, and not on building materials.

Thanks for reading so far down, hope to see you all soon!

Cristian T

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Base deletion question Ay6VLtQ

This issue certainly qualifies as "nunya" and may already be resolved but I feel compelled to add a character reference for Hobo.
As an admin for 2 years on DayZ Heaven where Hobo and I played before both of us found EG, he was the best player we had: helped folks (especially Bambi's), pitched in and answered all questions. A good man who was absolutely key in retaining newcomers. He does the same here.

No finer asset to your community.

[/Steps off soapbox, quietly goes back inside base, locks door and opens a random MRE hoping to find powdered ice cream]

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Base deletion question OV1Pbp7

I’ve said the same thing. He’s a good player and one is definitely like to see stay around

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