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Dissapearing car

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1Dissapearing car Empty Dissapearing car Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:25 am



Last night, 08/07/2019 (UK date) around 10PM I logged off and i didnt have time to drive back to my base with my car so i used the public carpark. I use this a lot. I went to the wholesaler to buy cinder and mortar. I had 50 of each in the gear of my car plus the few in my gear and decided that i would finish my base the next morning. I have been at the hospital all day today so i havent had time to play. I logged on at around 4:10 today to find my vehicle missing, i have the key still in my gear. to show you but its not that useful. Im hoping i can get refunded for this loss as i didnt really have any control over this.

Thanks for your time,

Tangocheescake king Exclamation

2Dissapearing car Empty Re: dissapearing car Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:43 am



Gareth has solved it and refunded it top me, his forums wont work so he asked me to put it here

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