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Hello ADMIN team .

Ok been thinking on this a while and since I started playing on the server I've noticed that the population seems to be on the increase. Well at times anyway there are a decent amount of players , and overall I would say we have at least 20-30 ppl visiting the server , which is good and vital if my ideas are to be implicated .

Ok my idea is to run STORYLINE MISSIONS for the players , they in essence would be small scenarios lasting ideally between 30mins - 1 hour , now the story's could be anything from convoy missions to VIP scenarios etc etc { I can elaborate on these more if needed } .

The would take on the form on 2 teams .

Team 1 would be lead by ADMIN staff and would also incorporate players from the player base who would voulunteer to take part in delivering an experience for the players playing the mission/story/scenario.

Team 2 would be the players who have registered to take part in the mission/story/scenario via this forum.

Players volunteering to join the ADMIN team would be paid in in game money for the time or some other way that they might want Eg= some gear or a veichle it could be anything but can be decided by ADMIN as we progress this idea , it would be a reward to thank the volunteers for giving there time to give the players an in game experience and would be proportionate to the event and time they have giving up .

The benefit for the players taking part would be the successful outcome of the mission and claiming the reward for doing so what ever it may be according to the mission/story/scenario .

This idea would be a way of pitting players V players with out the spitefulness of PvP combat and also the Absense of never missing or very hard AI .

The missions/storys/scenarios would be advertised on the forum and players would register there in one of the 2 above mentioned groups for a pre determined date and time .

This idea comes from my time live role playing and as I see it we could incorporate this into the DayZ epoch experience . Ideally players would rotate giving everybody the chance of participating in both delivering an experience for the player base and taking part in what ever mission/story/scenario was being run.

Ok I look forward to seeing the ADMINs team response to this proposal and the player base response too.

As always thank you for your time , this has been a proposal by ZIPPY , I hope we can progress the idea together .

Gaz Clarke .

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I’m all for setting something like this up as an event. Let’s we what kind of interest this gets, and go from there. I’m in!


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I'm all in


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Two thumbs up

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Sounds good..

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