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An Update - 15/3/18

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An Update - 15/3/18 WKasQXq

Hey guys,

Just thought I would write this just to give you guys an update on a few things.

    - Firstly Endless Gaming is looking to expand into hosting a San Andreas Multiplayer. While we want to expand this may or may not happen. What this really means for you guys is that the forums may be re-arranged to accomidate this change. I thought I would let you know before someone panics that they cant find anything. If anyone is interested in this expansion or wants to be involved they may contact me directly for details.

    - I would like to remind everyone that the Dayz Server will delete objects every 24 days if they have been abandoned. What this means is if you don't maintain your base via plotpole  or enter/use your car every 24 days it will be deleted.

    - Master Keys: Again I would like to remind you guys that Masterkeying Helicopters is really dicey. While I dont re-commend masterkeying helicopters and planes if you must please do so on a very flat surface(eg.Metal floors). If your plane does blow-up rest assured you will receive a refund.

    -I am looking to do an update on the Dayz server very soon so if you have a suggestion please feel free to let us know. I would much rather do one mass update then a million tiny ones.

Heres what I have planned for the update:

    -Adding weed to traders for sale-Revamping the helicopter and Plane Dealership-Adding more guns to the server eg.AS50's -Repairing the crates at AI island.

Any questions comments or concerns please feel free to contact me directly via private message or on this thread.


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