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Reason for ban

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1Reason for ban Empty Reason for ban Fri Aug 02, 2019 3:27 am


It has been almost a years since I was last on the server and was reequipping in Stary when another player complained about the night. I was about to type /vote day when suddenly I was disconnected and cold not reconnect. I alt-F4 to close the client do to it freezing up and when I attempted to log back in again, I got the message that I had been banned. This is a completely fresh client install, so I may have overlooked something. The only thing I can think of is that the version of Battleye that comes with the Steam install is outdated, but I'm having issues finding the updated version since . Everything was running through DayzLauncher. The only change to an cfg file was to set GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1. The lauch options are "-skipintro -nosplash -nopause -winxp". Just prier to the ban, Starke had offered to help he get reestablished, but I had turned him down since I already had plenty of money from looting the NWAF. He was also fighting some AI terrorists just outside of Stary when the ban occurred. If this ban is permanent, that's fine. It's unlikely that the rest of my group (Barely Adequate Gamers) will be returning anyways despite looking for a common game we can all play. But I still like to know the cause in case I can fix it on my end.

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Reason for ban OV1Pbp7

I know there is an infistar autoban that slaps players from time to time due to “bad text” this usually arises when trying to use the “/vote” command. It’s usually because the player has accidentally typed “/bot”...A simple key slip, with a dastardly outcome. Which is probably the case here. I will send the upper management a message asking the ban be lifted. But, for future reference, when voting day or night just type “/day or /night” to avoid mistyping the word vote. Hopefully we get this sorted out quickly for you.

Also, is Farix your InGame Name?


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Reason for ban OV1Pbp7

You should be unbanned now. 😘☺

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