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Hero trader Ka52(Black) did not come out

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hammer 1

hammer 1

I purchased Ka52, but the aircraft did not appear even though the red arrow and the key appeared in the inventory.
I bought again at the time ofChinook,but Ka52 is expensive as 5000k, so i want you to refund it.



Hero trader Ka52(Black) did not come out  WKasQXq

when you get back in game, right click the key and 'identify vehicle'

chances are it spawned on a nearby helipad, or didn't spawn until after the server restarted

This can happen sometimes because people deploy helipads at traders, which disrupts the deploy command from the trader.

If it doesn't show up, I will refund it for you no problem.

hammer 1

hammer 1

It did not appear without display in "Key idenfity".

I would like a refund.

Thank you Knight. (^o^)/

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