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Cerberus Arms Requirements.

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1Cerberus Arms Requirements. Empty Cerberus Arms Requirements. on Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:56 am



Cerberus Arms Requirements. OV1Pbp7
Since there has been some confusion as to the requirements of purchasing some of our advanced hardware. The following standards are applied.

1.) In order to purchase TWS (thermal) weapons, a player MUST have acquired +/- 50,000 humanity. (Super Hero/Bandit) Status.

2.) For ANY hardware upgraded. (i.e. from and M1A1 to a TUSK) a player MUST have +/- 150,000 humanity. NO EXCEPTIONS (some players are grandfathered in)

3.) For ANY advanced aircraft: "Advanced Aircraft being defined as, Jets, attack helicopters, or any other aircraft that current IG vendors DO NOT sell...The following requirements are as follows.

a.) Player must have acquired +/- 150,000 humanity
b.) Player must be active in the Endless Gaming discord (we want to know you)
c.) Be known to AT LEAST 2 staff member on a voice to voice level.

(We do keep a purchase log for this, and we do communicate our sales to one another. So, if one of us turns you down for some reason, it's not advisable for you to try and circumvent that decision by going to another staff member.)

Staff of Cerberus will NOT sell you multiple of the same vehicles. Doesn't matter if you want a "spare" in case that one gets lost, blown up, stolen etc. This is to keep players from "sharing" their vehicles with people/friends without the requisite humanity.

If you share your base with a friend, and they don't have 150k humanity, and are caught using your toy(s). The toy will be confiscated, and destroyed, with no refund. There is a reason you are required to have 150k humanity.

The reason for voice requirement is so that we can get to know you, as a person, and as a player. Get a good feel for who we are giving such high-end hardware to.
Also, there is NO "Insurance Policy" for vehicles purchased through staff. Think of it as buying a vehicle from a normal trader. You don't get free replacements, or discounted replacements from them; ergo, you don't get them from Cerberus.

If you are not willing to make these concessions, please, do not inquire about "Cerberus" or "Admin" sold items.


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