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1report tjgaming Empty report tjgaming Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:14 am


The Tjgaming player repeatedly wounded me with a tank and stole a mission, after I completed the mission. I told him that I was going to report him to Artemis and he told me that he had already talked to him and that he continued shooting me with the tank. He never killed me, but he hurt me many times, after I was healed. If they don't do anything about it, I don't see any sense in continuing to play this server, I've been playing for a long time and never kill anyone. This behavior of someone with a tank and more than 50k of experience seems strange to me.


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report tjgaming OV1Pbp7

Chat confirms, TJgaming had the mission claimed first.

"[2020-02-25 | 15:25:47] (Side) TJgaming: claimed heli landing"
"[2020-02-25 | 15:31:23] (Side) gabo: i claim helicopter"

As for "shooting" you with the tank, he shot near you, which knocked you out. Is that pvp? Well, not exactly, it didn't really injure you, and prevented you from mission jacking him. TJ also has some screenshots from the ordeal, including one of you allegedly trying to crash a helicopter into/near him.

I don't really see a need to take any action here, but I will say this. Play nice boys. There are plenty of missions around the map. If someone else already said they claimed it...If you don't see it in chat, odds are it was claimed before you were in the server. Same with a map mark. Best thing to do, if you don't see the mark, just ask them to re-mark it.


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What he did was stupid, waiting for the mission to pick up the loot to end. You could have written to me about the global chat that was your mission, not waiting for it to end and attacking me without warning. They know that what he did is wrong. I attack myself repeatedly, I don't kill myself because I used bandages.

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report tjgaming OV1Pbp7

Oh, he didn’t attack you, but chats also show he warned you more than once that you were encroaching on his mission

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