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Plot Pole ate my MTVR

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1Plot Pole ate my MTVR Empty Plot Pole ate my MTVR Sun Jun 07, 2020 9:41 pm


Hi Guys, last night/this morning depending on time perspective, I put one of my MTVR trucks into my carried plot pole, seemingly without issue, I use it when building so it had some building supplies in it as well as my CZ750 rifle that I purchased from Gaming with a few mags.

When I went to get the MTVR out of my virtual garage , it wasn't there, so I have lost my CZ750 which I would like to replace next time one of you guys are in.

The weird thing is that I noticed in the Team Invite list that I "Digbert" was listed twice for some reason? Its like my account may have been glitched and I wonder if it is this apparently 2nd Digbert profile that ate my MTVR and my precious CZ750

And ideas would be gratefully received please

Many thanks
Mick (Digbert)

2Plot Pole ate my MTVR Empty Re: Plot Pole ate my MTVR Tue Jun 09, 2020 4:29 am



Plot Pole ate my MTVR OV1Pbp7

I can honestly say I’ve never seen or heard of this problem before. That’s fuckin crazy. But, I don’t see an issue with helping you out with a replacement.

3Plot Pole ate my MTVR Empty Re: Plot Pole ate my MTVR Sun Jun 14, 2020 3:27 am


Thank you Art, not so bothered about the truck and building supplies, I can always replace those over time, its the CZ750 Rifle that I miss Very Happy Will give you a shout next time I see you on if thats OK Smile

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