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August 2020 server update

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1August 2020 server update Empty August 2020 server update Sun Aug 09, 2020 11:30 pm



August 2020 server update WKasQXq

Hey guys,

The August 2020 server update has finally been completed.

Here is a short rundown of changes made:
- Taliban island has been officially decommissioned.
- Skalisty Island is now an event zone we call "The Paintball arena" (read rules).
- A new harder EXTREME mission has been added.
- Hilltop has had some tweaks, upgrades and changes to discourage reliance on heavy vehicles.
- A selection of Hero / Bandits missions have been tweaked, updated, upskilled and/or rethemed.
- Bandit and Hero missions will now spawn in larger quantities, and more frequently.
- A complete new small city has been added to the server.
- A plethora of mapping tweaks have been added / updated / removed / replaced.
- Player spawn points have been added to Stary Sobor (near trader) & the new "Paintball Island".
- 8 new unmarked AI hotspots have been added throughout the server.
- When missions have vehicles involved (e.g:MV-22 / Osprey) Keys will now be in the mission loot crate, not on a random AI body (I heard the cries for help).

A more detailed changelog can be found in the announcements sidebar on discord.

Thank you to everyone for putting up with my constant restarts and bullshit over the last 3 days, specifically in the Oceanic & EU time zones, where I spent most of my time pissing people off with restarts, random banter, stupid jokes, bad puns, and annoying server bugfixes.


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