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Cerberus Arms & Armor Policy

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Cerberus Arms & Armor Policy OV1Pbp7

(A wholly owned Subsidiary of ThazZyWazZy, Fartemis, & Mikes_Cock LLC)

----------REQUIREMENTS OF APPROVAL----------

1.) For ANY Heavy Vehicles that CANNOT be purchased through a trader players MUST meet the following criteria:

a.) Have acquired +/- 300,000 humanity
b.) Be active in the Endless Gaming discord voice comms (we want to know you)*
c.) Have 1 admin vouch for you, and have another agree to the sale.

* "Active" in discord means you maintain a presence in voice comms. Meaning that you don't just get to hang out, get what you want, and never come back in.
* 30 days of inactivity will result in repossession of ALL Cerberus Hardware, WITHOUT refund.

* The reason for voice requirement is so that we can get to know you, as a person, and as a player. Get a good feel for who we are giving such high-end hardware to.


1.) Your base, and plotpole location will be given at the time of sale.*

2.) When offline, your Cerberus Hardware MUST be stored in your Virtual Garage.

3.) You will NOT use your Cerberus Hardware to bomb missions to make it easier for noobs to get loot.

4.) If you share a base with a friend: They are NOT permitted to use your hardware without you in it. (If they are caught, repossession WILL OCCUR)*

5.) There is NO insurance policy on vehicles purchased through Cerberus Arms and Armor. (replacements will be dealt with on a case by case basis)

6.) Trade ins (old policy) Are no longer in effect. All purchases will be made at FULL PRICE. NO EXCEPTIONS

7.) Abuse of Cerberus Hardware (i.e. using tanks or aircraft to do[or assist in] other players missions for them, intentional or accidental damage to another players base) will result in repossession of ALL Cerberus hardware from the offending player. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Consequently, this will also get you blacklisted from any future Cerberus Purchases.

8.)When involved in approval for Advanced Aircraft, a 30 day probationary period will be made. To determine if the purchaser can be responsible with a lower tiered aircraft before final approval of their actual desired purchase. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

9.) Each purchase you make from Cerberus will incur a cost of 25,000 humanity (per item). You may make a multi-vehicle purchase (at once), but you will only be able to purchase down to 0 humanity. Once that occurs, you will have to re-earn the 300,000 humanity to make another purchase. If you dip below 300,000 humanity. you will need to get back to 300k to make another purchase.

*If you share your base with a friend, and they don't have 300k humanity, and are caught using your toy(s). The toy will be confiscated, and destroyed, with no refund. There is a reason you are required to have 300k humanity.

*If you move your base location, you are required to notify us of it's new location. Failure to do so, will result in repossession of your Cerberus items.

If you are not willing to make these concessions, which are NON-NEGOTIABLE... Please, do not inquire about "Cerberus" or "Admin" sold items.

Rules, Requirements, and Policy changes may be made in the future, it is recommended that you check back routinely for more information.
Any questions or concerns can/should be made to our board of directors.


  • F35-B: 120,000,000.00

  • A-10: Warthog 50,000,000.00

  • AH-64D Apache: 36,000,000.00

  • AH-1Z: 31,000,000.00

  • Mi-24D: 36,000,000.00

  • AV-8 or AV-8B: 45,000,000.00

  • SU-34: 36,000,000.00

  • Mi17sH Czech (Rockets): 15,000,000.00

  • Mi17 RU Rockets: 15,000,000.00

  • Tunguska: 16,000,000.00

  • Upgraded M1A2 - "TUSK": 9,000,000.00

  • LAV: 5,000,000.00

  • AAV: 5,000,000.00

  • BTR 90: - 25mm and Konkurs 8,000,000.00

  • Armored SUV's (Upgraded):1,000,000.00

  • Kamaz Refuel (Upgraded): 750,000.00

  • Regular SUVS (Upgraded): 250,000.00




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